Students practice entrepreneurship with Small Shop Saturday

Students practice entrepreneurship with small shop Saturday

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - Students got hands on experience with entrepreneurship, showcasing their own homemade items and ideas for Small Shop Saturday.

A Student Pop Up was held inside Minnesota State University’s Center for Innovation and entrepreneurship. Students displayed various products and services ranging from homemade hot sauce, bath bombs, henna tattooing, offers to work mechanics on your vehicle and more.

“One of the things that I say is that It’s very difficult to teach someone entrepreneurship. It’s kind of like teaching someone to water ski or dance, you have to do it and practice it and try it. So getting their products out here and actually talking to gives them hands on real world experience,” said director Yvonne Cariveau.

Minnesota State University, Mankato student Fazi Aziz, creator of ‘Lacedby Faz’ showcased her own homemade wigs.

“The hair comes in three bundles and a closure and then there’s a wig cap I put on a manikin head that I start sewing. It takes like 6 to 7 hours,” Aziz said.

Some created their own products after realizing products they bought from stores weren't working for them.

Like High school Student Sydney Johnson who creator of ‘Le Luxe de Sydney’, her own natural bath bombs.

“I started out making bath bombs just for myself because I found out that I’m allergic to red dye 40. And that’s in a lot of bath bombs and machine made products,” Johnson remarked.

And MSU Medina, who’s sensitive skin promoted her to make her own ‘Kayele’ soaps.

"Growing up I always had skin issue, depending on the issue you have...If you have dry skin I can mix that with shea butter so it will moisture your skin.

Students got to keep the money from items they sold, while some gave to charity.

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