Minneapolis police: 4 dead in ‘domestic related incident’

Two children were found shot outside, and the bodies of two adults were found inside the house

Four dead in apparent murder suicide

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - Police spokesman John Elder says officers responded to reports of a shooting Sunday morning and found two children shot outside of a home.

Officers were able to get the victims into the squad cars, but they were later pronounced dead.

After hours of unsuccessful attempts to contact people inside the residence, Elder says a robot was sent in and found the bodies of two adults, a male, and a female.

Eldar says, “It’s tough to put this into words. You have two children that are out playing in the snow and they’re killed. There’s no sense to that. There’s no way someone can come up with a good explanation for this. This is horrific. This is a tragedy.”

The identities of the victims have not yet been released.

Police say they are not looking for any additional suspects.

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