Business makeover show tours Waseca before narrowing down top five finalists

Business makeover show tours Waseca before narrowing down top five finalists

WASECA, Minn. (KEYC) — In each episode of Small Business Revolution, hosts Amanda Brinkman and Ty Pennington give small businesses the makeover of a lifetime.

They’re now in the process of choosing their season five town, and Waseca is among the 10 finalists.

"The main thing we’re looking for is, can we help this community? Are there enough small businesses that could use our help? Does the community need the kind of advice that we can give?,” Deluxe Social Media and Communications Director Jen Amundson said.

On Monday, officials from Deluxe, which produces the show, toured several Waseca businesses that could be featured if the city is chosen, including Pleasant Grove Pizza Farm.

Small Business Revolution, an original series by Deluxe

Deluxe started the Small Business Revolution by showcasing 100 small business stories across the country through photo essays, videos and a half-hour documentary. Along the way, we learned that nowhere are small businesses more under siege than in our small towns.

“It’s really difficult to narrow it down because everyone has a good story,” said Julie Gordon, director of marketing partnerships at Deluxe. "Every business owner who has started a small business, they’re brave, they’re courageous, they put so much into it. And to say no to 95% of them is really hard. But we do find that the businesses we can help the most with our deluxe solutions, and go to work from there.”

The final 10 cities will be narrowed down to five on Jan. 14.

From there, a public vote will determine which city will be featured on Small Business Revolution.

If you’re wondering how you can help, Gordon recommends southern Minnesota residents continue to rally around Waseca.

"Just keep rallying for your town. Use #mywaseca. Talk about the small businesses that mean something to you. And continue to post on social media.”

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