North Mankato City Council paves the way for future homes

North Mankato City Council paves the way for future homes

NORTH MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — North Mankato City officials say 2019 was a productive year for residential housing projects with about 22 new homes built so far this year.

With Monday night’s annexation approval, more homes may be coming to the North Ridge subdivision, specifically near Pleasant View Park along Rockford Drive.

The roughly 3.2-acre parcel of farmland annexed by the city will make way for about eight residential lots that will house single-family housing units in the foreseeable future.

“This is located in the North Ridge area which has had a long history of development for single-family residential purposes, so it’ll just continue that strength of residential housing in that area," Community Development Director Mike Fischer said.

The annexation comes at the request of the previous landowner, who has helped develop the property, including a transportation link on Pleasant View Drive.

The additions in North Ridge are just a few of the improvements that were developed throughout the city in 2019.

“This year the City of North Mankato did approximately 1,500 building permits. We added 22 single-family homes and a couple of additional multi-family units too at approximately 30 additional housing units into the city," explained City Administrator John Harrenstein.

Improvements on the parcel of land are expected to be underway next year.

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