Dancing with the Mankato Stars returns

Dancing with the Mankato Stars returns

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — Dancing with the Mankato Stars is back after taking a year off.

Local stars will be taking to the dance floor once again thanks to interest expressed by the Mankato community.

Dancing with the Mankato Stars is returning for its seventh year after taking a one-year break.

“We kind of took a little break last year, but there was such a demand from the public, they were like why are we not doing it, and so we realized that and we were wanting to make sure we brought it back, bigger than ever,” said Mitzi Roberts, director of Dance Express.

Local stars participating this season were announced at the Kato Ballroom.

“And then we are also announcing who their assigned ‘pro’ will be for the season, they’ll start training and practicing right around the corner here, gearing up for our big event, which is on February 8 at the Grand Hall,” said Roberts.

Among local celebrities dancing on the big stage in February 2020 is Kevin Newman, new co-owner of Hilltop Florist.

“I’ve been in the community for about 30 years and, you know, being able to live here and work with people and know that there is some people in need and be able to support that is probably the most important part, but also to get out and have fun and do that while you’re having fun is really important to me as well,” said Kevin Newman, Dancing with the Mankato Stars participant and co-owner of Hilltop Florist.

“It’s a lot of dedication and a lot of practice and they probably don’t even know that they got into yet as far as getting in over their head, but we are here to support them so of course through this whole process their ‘pro’ comes up with the idea for the routine and they work with them and make them look like the shining stars they are,” said Roberts.

All funds raised from the event go toward the American Red Cross. To date, they’ve raised more than $650,000.

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