Remote sensing helps scientist view glacier change

Remote sensing helps scientist view glacier change
Meltwater lakes form on the surface of Greenland’s Petermann Glacier, seen here in a June 2019 Landsat image. (Source: NASA/USGS)

New video (link above) posted by NASA on December 9th, 2019 is showing how remote sensing is helping scientist study our ever changing world. The video is showing a time-lapse of Earth’s glaciers, some spanning back almost 50 years, that is helping scientist see the fluid changing happening in our frozen regions.

Landsat satellites have been capturing images of Earth and the glaciers since July 23, 1972 when the first satellite was launched into orbit. There have been 8 Landsat satellites launched into orbit with NASA planning to launch Landsat 9 in late 2020, according to NASA.

Landsat satellites help capture more than just glaciers change over time. These satellite images help decision makers improve their understanding of agriculture, forest health and management, and water resources.

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