Trio of partners bring the Vikings’ bullying program to Lake Crystal Elementary School

Trio of partners bring the Vikings’ bullying program to Lake Crystal Elementary School

LAKE CRYSTAL, Minn. (KEYC) — The Minnesota Vikings are part of a group that travels the state to empower students and stop bullying in schools.

The program called Viktor’s Quest to “S.T.O.P. Bullying” visited Lake Crystal Elementary School today.

Vikings mascot Viktor led a high energy assembly with three targets on the agenda.

Like – what situations to use the acronym "S.T.O.P.", identifying the four types of bullying and the roles played in bullying.

The program used the resources of the Vikings to effectively get the messages across to the young minds.

“I think all kids want to be included and if they feel like they have friends and they’re not getting bullied then they want to come to school and we wanted all kids to feel like they can come to school and be successful,” school social worker Ashleigh Foster said.

During the program, the crowd was surprised by call-in guests featuring Vikings wide receiver Adam Thielen and defensive end Danielle Hunter.

The school’s social worker says bullying isn’t a distinguishable issue at the school, but it does happen.

“We don’t have a ton of bullying, but still I feel like in all schools it can be an issue and so we just try to be proactive and help it and just help the kids work through their issues,” Foster said.

In addition to addressing bullies, two were selected for a "Defender of Kindness" award.

Fourth-grader Brody Herbst was cheered on by his peers for exuding kindness.

“I didn’t know but I was really shaky, yeah I dint know I was speechless. I felt really grateful to have these people in my life,” Herbst said.

Along with Foster.

“I was shocked. I was not expecting it all. I was thinking of other teachers in my head,” Foster said.

Recognizing those who currently live out the legacy of kindness and encouraging others to do the same.

In addition to the Vikings, COUNTRY Financial and PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center are part of this stop bullying partnership.

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