Long time 4-H leader steps down

After 16 years, Susan Craig has retired from her 4-H Program Coordinator position for the Watonwan County .

Long time 4-H leader steps down

ST. JAMES, Minn. (KEYC) - Susan Craig started serving as the 4-H Program Coordinator for the Watonwan County 4-H about 16 years ago.

Her work in those years did not go unnoticed. A large crowd gathered in St. James honoring her impact while enjoying a spaghetti dinner. There was also the option to donate to the county’s local 4-H programming.

It was when Craig’s first son got involved with 4-H, that sparked her passion. Now, Craig says things have come full circle as the kids she once mentored have grown up and started families.

At the celebration, Craig reflected on her proudest moments.

“BY 2010 I realized we didn’t have many 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th graders so I started a tween club and we are the only county in Minnesota that has this tween club,” said Craig.

The tween club is now the biggest group of kids involved in 4-H in their area.

“And then the second thing I’m proud of is the partnership I’ve built with Watonwan youth development. So we have the same purpose and same goals for after school programming to give the kids the best programming to give," Craig continued.

“She works with good with the school-aged kids, she does after school activities, Cloverbuds, she does a lot work for the 4-H program. My kids just finished their 13th year, so she’s been here the entire time they have been here” - said Sheila Pierson leader for the Speedway Builders 4-H club.

As parting gifts, Craig received a quilt stitched in with names of the local 4-H clubs from the community and a plaque and clock from the University of Minnesota’s 4-H Extension. They say the clock represents that “her time is now her own”

But for Craig, this is not a full goodbye.

“So now I’m going to go back and work in the food stand so I can visit with all my families and I want to go back and volunteer with the tween clubs and the Cloverbuds and so on” Craig added. “I’ve have gotten as much out of 4-H as I had given into it".