S.S. Boutique moves forward with new location, business model

S.S. Boutique moves forward with new location, business model

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — Work is underway in setting up S.S. Boutique’s new location in Mankato.

For the past five years, S.S. Boutique has offered free clothes and home goods to anyone in need. To keep that mission going, the new store will begin selling items. They’ll offer everything for $3 and under. Not to worry, those in need will still receive free clothing and necessities through referrals.

Those referrals can come through an organization or social worker, or people can reach out directly to S.S. Boutique on Facebook.

S.S. Boutique

I walked into our intake space today. These are families from our community. This is what we do after the kids are asleep, after a day of work, after home schooling, and after doing life but these kids will have good clothes. Thanks all this is where your donation goes.

“With the store now being a paid store, that will help make sure we still are able to give to the community at no cost if they need it. I think we figured that spending $6 here is providing two weeks of clothing for someone who needs it,” Co-Director Brianna Anderson explained.

S.S. Boutique will soon be located in the Village East Strip Mall on Hoffman Road. Co-Directors Brianna Anderson and Jaime Spaid hope to have set a target date of Feb. 1 for opening the new location.

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