A look at mental health resources in schools

A look at mental health resources in schools

WELLS Minn. (KEYC) — Former student Carly Weber approached the United South Central school board about a grant that helps bring mental health resources to schools.

The grant, named “School-Linked Mental Health Grants,” provides in-school counselors and social workers, bringing resources such as student and family therapy, staff training, group activities and counseling over the summer months.

“The grant specifically targets low-income students, with options to cover copays, deductibles if students and families don’t have insurance it covers the cost of that," Weber said.

Eighty-three out of the 87 counties in Minnesota have taken advantage of the grant. United South Central is one of the four that have not.

United South Central Superintendent Keith Fleming says they already have all the resources they need.

“We have two social workers, as well as a guidance counselor," Fleming said.

As for financial issues, Fleming says they make sure all families can be serviced.

Social workers work with the providers to ensure that all families regardless of their financial need receive services. And there are a number of other resources to ensure families can serviced not just solely based on that grant," added Fleming.

Currently, USC uses Adult, Child and Family Services for mental health resources. Weber says more is needed.

“I talked to the provider. It’s the school, again they do not cover co-pays or deductibles and they have what’s called CPSS which implements coping school for those already receiving therapy. So you have to qualify for therapy to even get this,” Weber added.

However, Fleming says the geographical location poses an issue for services.

To learn more about this grant, visit the Minnesota Department of Human Services’ website.

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