Local business is the site of a couple movie scenes

Local business is the site of a couple movie scenes

KASOTA, Minn. (KEYC) — A local business was recently the site for a couple of scenes in an upcoming World War II movie.

“Battle of the Bulge: Winter War” just wrapped up shooting its battle scenes at Drive A Tank in Kasota. Drive A Tank was originally just going to send some tanks for the movie to rent out for the movie, instead, movie officials came out to look at the property and decided it was closest to the snowy European setting they were going for.

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“They like the varying terrain, there’s a lot of spruce and evergreen trees on the property and that it is confined,” Drive A Tank Owner Tony Borglum explained. “It was confined and not just a wide-open field. A lot of the properties they looked at were just 500-acre fields that were wide open and they wanted something a little more confined to provide some angles to surprise the enemy and it kind of worked into their story perfectly.”

“Winter War” chronicles the infamous German surprise attack on Allied troops between December 1944 and January 1945.

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