Prep Athlete: MVL’s Dunwa Omot

Prep Athlete: MVL’s Dunwa Omot

NEW ULM, Minn. (KEYC) — The Minnesota Valley Lutheran boys’ basketball team is tearing up the court this season, the squad holds a 17-1 record and are ranked ninth in Class 2A.

A key player in the team’s success is senior Dunwa Omot, who is our KEYC News 12 Prep Athlete of the Week.

Omot is thriving on the court averaging over 20 points per game. His dedication to the sport is evident.

“Dunwa’s got a love for the game of basketball and he’ll do anything and everything to play it. He gets down to the Y and plays, he shoots if this gym’s open, he’s in here. He’ll stay an hour after practice and shoot if he can,” Craig Morgan, Minnesota Valley Lutheran Head Coach, said.

The guard is versatile on the court and prides himself on getting the ball in his teammate’s hands.

“I’m a very unselfish play I like to get everybody involved, that’s like the job of the point guard,” Dunwa Omot, Prep Athlete, said.

“I think he knows when he should shoot and when he needs to get other people involved, like he said he wants to get people involved and he does that,” Morgan said.

Through his high school career on varsity, Omot has grown his skill set along with his ability to guide the team in the right direction.

“I think being a leader is more than just on the court, it’s in the classroom and stuff, it’s my fourth year, even the C-squaders, kinda telling them how to get stuff done in school and just being a person to look up to on both sides,” Omot said.

“He’s a quiet leader and it’s fun to listen to him talk, but he can show the guys what to do, he studies the films, studies the opponents, he’s like a second coach on the floor. The older and older he gets the more and more you appreciate the things he does,” Morgan said.

His dedication to the game is why Dunwa Omot is our KEYC News 12 Prep Athlete of the Week.

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