Minnesota woman finds her long lost dog thanks to Florida brewery featuring adoptable pets on beer cans

Updated: Jan. 31, 2020 at 6:30 PM CST
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BRADENTON, Fla. (WWSB) - Monica Mathis was browsing social media when she spotted a dog printed on a beer can in Florida and was stunned to find it looked just like the one she lost three years ago.

MotorWorks, a brewery in Bradenton, partnered with Manatee County Animal Services to begin printing adoptable pets on beer cans to raise awareness about animal adoption and one of the first dog’s they printed was a pup named, “Day-Day.”

The beer cans went viral on social media and received national attention from news networks and even Ellen DeGeneres. When Mathis saw a post on social media, she immediately reacted, “Oh my gosh! That looks like my dog!”

Mathis says “Day-Day” is really Hazel.

“She was an escape artist; she was very good at getting loose. Bolting right through the door. Knocking me over just to get out the door.”

Though Hazel is microchipped and was registered to Mathis, the information was out-of-date, leaving Manatee County Animal Services no way of contacting her. When no one came forward, Hazel was put up for adoption. That is until Mathis saw the beer can.

“They told me to get on my information and send it. I guess you can say I was a little hysterical because I was scared someone was going to adopt her at that point or something. I was scared I was gonna lose her again. I was really nervous. I was like shaking. I was crying. My husband was like, ‘Why are you crying?’ Because I think this is my dog!"

Mathis had all the proof of ownership. Hazel had gotten lost around three years ago, before Mathis had moved to Minnesota.

“She contacted us directly so we put her in touch with some of our officers. They verified she in fact is the owner, she provided all the proof that we needed - vet records and photos,” explained Hans Wohlgefahrt of Manatee County Animal Services.

Once Hazel gets her health certificate, she’ll be on her way to be reunited with Mathis, who cannot wait to see her.

“She’s gonna be getting so much attention!"

And though Manatee County Animal Services is happy with this reunion story, they want to remind everyone that there are dozens of dogs and cats who need a forever home. You can learn more here.

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