CBD: From Seed to Shelf Pt. III — An explanation of the extraction process

CBD: From Seed to Shelf Pt. III — An explanation of the extraction process

WASECA, Minn. (KEYC) — A new CBD extraction facility is now up and running in Waseca, and a California company will be moving its manufacturing operations there in 2020.

“You aren’t walking or pacing in this industry, you are running,” stated Matt Little of Midwest Hemp Farms. “So, what this machine does is we’d bring in whole plants, it would run it through the rudder system and it defoliates, as you see it hanging there."

They've installed state of the art equipment.

“The hemp comes into that corner tank and that’s the reactor. Ethanol gets poured into there, we run a negative 50 degrees ethanol so we’re using cryo ethanol so the cold pulls your fats and lipids and unwanted stuff out of your hemp," continued Little.

Now at Midwest Extraction, they can process 5,000 pounds of hemp a day.

“All these stills over here separate your ethanol from your cannabinoids, and then you have a crude oil, as they call it,” Little said.

This machine at Midwest Extraction in Waseca is one of the largest on the market.

“We realize hemp is going to be a commodity, so you have to be efficient,” Little stated.

Midwest Extraction has teamed up with formulators from California who share their concern for quality in the CBD they sell.

“Since we’ve been the gold standard in the industry, manufacturing wise, they [Midwest Hemp Farms] really wanted to connect that,” CBD Formulator Frank Phillips said.

In 2020, Phillips plans to move his manufacturing operation from Irvine, California, to Waseca.

“To make sure every ingredient that goes into our product is the gold standard, we had to make sure the oil we start with and the farming techniques, the pesticide-free environment, to make sure every step of your supply chain is intact. So we came out here, looked at Minnesota, talked to the Midwest Extraction guys and really found our own home,” Phillips explained.

All here realize there are CBD manufacturers not doing it right and not taking the care to make a high-quality product, so they welcome more regulation to even the playing field and protect consumers.

“Very few industries want to ask for more regulations, but you see you have to have it [in the CBD industry]. You can’t compete against a product that is half your price on the shelf, but you know, from testing, that it also has a third of the product in it,” explained Little.

Join us on Tuesday, Feb. 18, at 6 p.m. as Matt Little and the team at The CBD Centers educate consumers on the products that are now sold in stores across much of southern Minnesota.

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