Bonding on forefront of lawmakers’ minds as 2020 Legislative Session begins

Bonding on forefront of lawmakers’ minds as 2020 Legislative Session begins

ST. PAUL, Minn. (KEYC) — The Minnesota State Legislature is back in session, as of Tuesday, Feb. 11, and if there’s one thing on lawmakers’ minds, it’s bonding.

This session is a bonding year and there is a $1.33 billion surplus.

There is $10.5 million available for Caswell Park upgrades, $18 million available for remodeling the Minnesota Security Hospital in St. Peter and $12 million available for riverbank stabilization in Gov. Tim Walz’s 2020 bonding proposal.

Sen. Nick Frentz (DFL-North Mankato) says he would like to see these projects advance and funded as well.

“And, as you know, bonding requires a super majority, so it takes some bipartisan cooperation. I’m looking forward to working on that,” Frentz stated.

Sen. Julie Rosen (R-Vernon Center) says she would like to see $7.5 million for wastewater and storm sewer management in Vernon Center.

“And they have absolutely maxed out on what they can ask the local citizens to provide," she said.

Other lawmakers, like Rep. Bob Gunther (R-Fairmont), would like to see $20 million for a new Martin County jail.

“The roof is leaking, they have drains leaking into an eavestrough," he said.

Still, one concern for some lawmakers is affordability.

“We can only go up to about $800 million before we start occurring debt. And then, after that, the price of borrowing is very expensive,” Rosen added.

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