Judge allows teen held by ICE to post bond in Ill.

CHICAGO (WGN/CNN) - An Illinois community is working to help a teen detained by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement make it to her high school graduation, after a judge allowed her to get out on bond.

Meydi Guzman Rivas, 18, was on track to graduate from Crystal Lake Central High School in the spring.

But she and her father were taken into custody in October for allegedly missing an immigration court date. She's been detained downstate all alone.

"She's been terrified this entire time, and she misses the people that she's come to know," said Nate Rayes, her attorney, on Wednesday.

The Huser family has gotten to know Rivas. Sara Huser is a counselor at her school, and the two have become close in the past two years, as she helped Rivas with clothes and learning English.

She and her husband John Huser agreed to pay the $2,000 bond and let Rivas stay with them and their four children until her immigration case is resolved.

"We talk with her almost every day; she asks how the kids are doing," John Huser said. "She's just a really sweet girl."

She came to the U.S. with her father after gangs in her native country of Honduras made death threats to the family.

Her attorney has filed a petition for asylum. Getting her released on bond was a huge first step.

"When she found out that her case had been reopened and she was going to get a bond hearing, she was the happiest I've seen her literally since the moment I saw her in October," Rayes said.

Her father is still detained. While she won't get a chance to embrace her relatives, her Crystal Lake family is ready with open arms to welcome her home when she's released.

"We are going to a celebration in the community to welcome her home," Sara Huser said. "Then we are going to work diligently to make sure she can stay in this country."

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