Visiting Angels is sharing the love this Valentine’s Day

Visiting Angels is sharing the love this Valentine’s Day

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and one organization is aiming to make the day special for older adults.

Home care provider Visiting Angels is sending out a team of caregivers to give them hugs.

Their goal is to help older adults feel less lonely.

Hugging can also release oxytocin, which decreases stress and lowers blood pressure.

“Well it makes me feel good, and it’s a wonderful association, organization. Jeanette is our angel,” explained Pillars of Mankato resident Joan Karpinsky.

According to Carnegie Mellon University, hugs can also help boost your immune system.

Hugs Help Protect Against Stress and Infection, Say Carnegie Mellon Researchers - News - Carnegie Mellon University

By Shilo Rea / 412-268-6094 PITTSBURGH-Instead of an apple, could a hug-a-day keep the doctor away? According to new research from Carnegie Mellon University, that may not be that far-fetched of an idea. Led by Sheldon Cohen, the Robert E.

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