Flu on the rise in southern Minnesota

Flu on the rise in southern Minnesota

MANKATO, Minn — Minnesota is at its peak of flu season, with Mayo Clinic Health System facilities reporting 347 positive cases of influenza in Mankato alone between Jan. 1 and Thursday, Feb. 13.

“We have seen almost double the number of influenza patients here in the last few weeks as compared to December,”' said Dr. Jennifer Johnson, a family medicine physician with the Mayo Clinic Health System.

The spike in flu cases at this time is to be expected.

“Influenza will typically peak in January and early February for us. We are seeing what’s a typical pattern for us here. A lot of that is people are stuck inside around each other in close confines because it’s been so cold lately,” Johnson added.

Since Jan. 1, Mankato has also seen 43 people hospitalized for the flu.

Infants under 2 years old and the elderly, especially those with chronic diseases, diabetes, or who are on immune medications, are considered high-risk individuals and should see a doctor right away when flu symptoms arise.

Johnson also suggests getting vaccinated against the flu and to isolate yourself if feeling sick.

“If you’re having symptoms stay home, stay away from other people to try to quarantine yourself. If you’re feeling fine and you’re out and about, try to avoid people who are coughing and sneezing, make sure you are washing your hands a lot and wiping down surfaces.”

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