SCC Culinary Arts program welcomes students from Spain, France

SCC Culinary Arts program welcomes students from Spain, France

NORTH MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — Students and instructors from South Central College’s Culinary Arts program will be welcoming students and faculty from Spain and France for the next week.

This is part of a partnership established about five years ago and beginning last year, where students from South Central traveled to the Basque Region in northern Spain to learn about anything and everything food from the region, including how it’s prepared, how it pertains to culture and how it is different in Spain and France.

The experience was invaluable to SCC Culinary Arts students.

“We spent over a week in the San Sebastian Region and in Spain and so just seeing food, how they do food and the culture behind that ... and, really, just seeing master chefs do their work,” Culinary Arts Instructor Michael Broughton explained.

While the European students are here in southern Minnesota, SCC will give them a taste of what the area is like.

They will go ice fishing, snowmobiling, various restaurants around Mankato and the Twin Cities, along with preparing some of Minnesota’s signature foods, including the juicy lucy and tater tot hotdish.

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