Mankato West social studies teacher awarded Golden Apple Award

Mankato West social studies teacher awarded Golden Apple Award

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — Matt Moore has been a history and social studies teacher for 14 years.

He spent four years in Sleepy Eye, Minnesota, and the past nine years teaching at Mankato West High School.

Moore’s love for history stemmed from his experiences with past great teachers he had in high school and college, planting the inspiration for his career.

To keep his students engaged in history, he likes to use primary sources from that time period.

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“When we look at WWII, we take a look at things people were writing and publishing from the 1940s, the people who lived through these experiences [and] how they react to events that were unfolding at the time,” Moore explained.

With his class set up in a circular fashion, Moore creates a comfortable atmosphere that promotes discussion.

“It’s just really easy to absorb information that he gives out,” student Patrick Murphy said.

“I get to hear what they are thinking about things and we can learn that history is an argument about the past. It’s not just a set of facts to be memorized,” said Moore.

And to make complex historical concepts easier to understand for his students, Moore will also include a bit of humor.

“He’s a funny teacher, one of my favorites ones,” Murphy added.

For Moore, sparking an interest in a student’s mind is one of his favorite parts of his job.

“To get them interested in something they maybe didn’t know they had an interest in is probably one of the more exciting things for my job."

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