Hometown Business Connection: Wow!Zone Family Entertainment Center

Hometown Business Connection: Wow!Zone Family Entertainment Center

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — The Wow!Zone in Mankato has the answer to what you want to do today, because chances are, you’ll find something you like to do while there.

With a range of activities and games that includes bowling, arcade games, laser tag, mini-golf and even a sports bar and family restaurant, the Wow!Zone offers something for the entire family.

“What I love about this business is it gives people an opportunity to just play together and [even] in our most stressful times, we still need to do that,” Owner Pam DeMarce said.

Located on Adams Street in Mankato, the Wow!Zone was born out of DeMarce’s original business, a bowling alley on Victory Drive.

“In those years of the Victory Bowl, we wanted to do something, but we were landlocked, so it meant needing to find property and the right timing for the right move and, honestly, 2007 is when that happened,” DeMarce explained.

Over the past decade, the Wow!Zone has survived the ups and downs of the economy and construction on the road leading to its doors.

“Although there are some of the economic issues that we have to overcome like any business, we tend to as an entertainment business; [and] we were able to get through those down times because we all still need to get rid of our stress,” DeMarce added.

She shows her appreciation for the community’s support by immersing herself back into the community, as DeMarce is involved in a handful of community organizations.

Join us for Breakfast With a Cause and support the Merely Players this Sunday.

Posted by WOW!Zone on Wednesday, March 4, 2020

“Our community is so giving, DeMarce continued. "That’s what I see with all the fundraisers that are done, is we provide the place, but they do all the work. People in our community are wonderful.”

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