Lake Crystal Wellcome Memorial educator awarded Golden Apple

Lake Crystal Wellcome Memorial educator awarded Golden Apple

LAKE CRYSTAL, Minn. (KEYC) — Eric Ouren is a fresh face in the world of teaching, as he is currently in his second year of teaching at Lake Crystal Wellcome Memorial.

During that time Ouren, has made a positive impact on his students, saying the first step in successfully teaching special education is building a relationship with the student.

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“My biggest thing, as being a teacher, is building a relationship with the student first. You’re not going to get a lot done if you don’t have a good relationship first."

Ouren says every day is different, with the range of subjects that he teaches.

“Language arts, last semester I taught science, math, transition skills, social skills, behavior skills”

But also with how the students are doing that day. Ouren says learning what the students like helps them become more comfortable, which can help with behavior.

“It helps me figure out what works best with calming students down and building that fun relationship with each child,” said Ouren.

And the feeling for students when they understand a lesson is a feeling that comes full circle.

“They tell themselves that they can’t do something and you finally prove to them that they can do it,” Ouren explained. “Some days are more challenging than others. But for a student when you can finally see that click where know that they finally got it and they understand it, it makes my day. Whether that be academically or behaviorally."

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