Geistfeld has record-breaking season

Geistfeld has record-breaking season

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - The Bethany Lutheran womens’ basketball team wrapped up their season last week, a key piece of the Vikings’ squad is junior Hanna Geistfeld.

“When we came here my freshman year the program was kind of stuggling and we just knew that we wanted to get somewhere for the program and I think we’ve definitely made strides for the program,” Hanna Geistfeld, BLC junior forward, said.

During the 2019-2020 season the junior forward eclipsed 1,000 career points with the Vikings, scored 30 or more points in six contests, recorded a program high 37 points in a game against Northland, managed 18 double-doubles, was selected as the UMAC Player of the Week three times over and as the UMAC Player of the Year.

“I think with Hanna, she’s never satisfied with how she’s playing. She’s had games this year where she’s scored 25-30 points and is really upset with how she played defensively. She always wants to do better, wants to involve her teammates, and I think just that work ethic and that desire to get better, that puts her above other players that are maybe satisfied with how they play and that makes her really fun to coach, she always wants to get better,” Emma Purfeerst, BLC assistant coach, said.

Last week USA Sports Tours and Events announced that Geistfeld was named to the USA Division III Basketball Select Team on the 2020 Brazil Tour. This tour is designed to expose players to an international basketball experience and provide an opportunity for educational, cultural and social growth.

“I think it’s great for our program, I think she’s a great example of coming here, she came in as a good high school player but really put in the work and that’s a huge honor for her, we’re really proud, her teammates are really proud and it’s great for the school, for our program,” Purfeerst said.

As of now the tour is scheduled to begin Wednesday, July 8.

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