Experiences and memories cut short for college seniors amid coronavirus concerns

For them, experiences and memories are cut short, their favorite campus traditions are now canceled.
Updated: Mar. 17, 2020 at 8:33 PM CDT
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MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - College seniors are reacting to closures and cancellations amid coronavirus concerns.

For them, experiences and memories are cut short, their favorite campus traditions are now canceled.

One Minnesota native and South Dakota State University student is among those weathering the storm.

“I guess the one thing, it’s just frustrating to be honest,” said Morgan Busack, South Dakota State University student.

Busack held leadership positions in various organizations in South Dakota State University’s College of Agriculture Food and Environmental Sciences with many events she planned being canceled, including a campus-wide event known as Ag Day.

“Really, really was excited for this year because it was such a big topic we thought that we needed to bring on campus, so we’re all emotional right away going through the process and talking about canceling or what we were going to do,” said Busack.

Busack was not ready to have her final full-year at SDSU planning campus-wide traditions, come to a halt.

“It just seems like we’re robbed of what we’ve worked so hard for our entire four years or some cases their entire lives of building the brand that you want to be or the person that you want to be and then you just get here and it’s out of your control to even continue going on with anything,” said Busack

She also said that although the recent cancellations have changed a few plans, she’s going to learn from the situation as she keeps her eyes set on her future.

“Yes, it may seem hard now but this is just pushing you to your future and these employers and other people are going to know that you did the work and you saw the outcome of it fall apart right in front of your eyes but you pushed through and you built resiliency and you continue on with what you’re passionate about and everything,” said Busack.

Busack is looking forward to her internship at Christensen Farms this summer helping promote the pork industry.

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