Food preservation tips and how to extend shelf life

Food preservation tips and how to extend shelf life

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - During recent weeks, supermarkets and stocking up on food has been on many peoples’ minds, but what about how long some of that food will last in the pantry?

At the store, you'll see a lot of terminology on food packages like sell-by, use-by or best-buy.

But how do these relate to the freshness of what you're buying?

“So for example, the sell-by date which you’ll see on eggs, as a consumer you should purchase it by that date but can get even two or three weeks of safety out of those eggs. The best-by date just simply means that as well that your product freshness and quality is best by that date,” says Hy-Vee dietician April Graff.

The decision of extending life on those foods by freezing them is always on the table, but that doesn’t mean just about everything can be frozen.

“Things that don’t freeze well include mayo-based products, so mayonnaise or you have chicken salad or tuna salad that’s already made up, those don’t freeze very well. Eggs also don’t freeze very well, but other dairy products do like milk, cheese and cream cheese,” says Graff.

In today's climate, some people may think twice about going to the store, but if you've stocked-up, some of those foods may go bad eventually.

“I would tell people to look at the foods that they have in their house, prioritize, eat the foods that are the most perishable or have the closest date of expiration or sell-by, use-by. Plan for what those are and just get creative in how they are using those,” says Graff.

So check those cabinets and refrigerator doors.

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