Stimulus package to include financial support for rural America

Stimulus package to include financial support for rural America

WASHINGTON (KEYC) — The U.S Senate is expected to approve a more than $2 trillion stimulus package on Wednesday after Senate and White House negotiators reached a deal earlier Wednesday morning.

Rep. Jim Hagedorn (MN–01) says the stimulus package could provide financial support for many across the country and in Minnesota.

Around $250 million of the stimulus package is going toward supporting families.

“Families, couples, under $150,000 in income with a couple of kids can expect in the neighborhood of about $3,500 directly to the families,” Hagedorn said.

The bill also includes money set aside to support small businesses.

“To help small business owners get bridge loans directly from their banks and those loans will turn into grants if they’re used to retain employees and pay for rent or mortgage to their businesses,” Hagedorn added.

Around $50 billion of the bill would be used to restore money to the commodity credit corporation.

“Which is basically the mini bank for all sorts of ag programs that can be put in use when we find the demand for agricultural goods could be lower. We don’t know exactly how that’ll shake out now, that’ll be up to the USDA and some of the more local people in agriculture,” explained Hagedorn.

Hagedorn also stressed the maintenance of rural health care.

“A lot of our hospitals have had to put off elective surgeries, a lot of our medical care providers are not seeing the reimbursements that they normally would, and they’re doing that selflessly in order to make room for people in case folks are sick and they need medical attention at this time,” said Hagedorn.

Hagedorn said there’s more than $100 billion set aside for hospitals, including those in rural areas.

After the Senate picks up the bill, it will be in the hands of the House and Hagedorn said they could be called back as early as Thursday, March 26, for another vote

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