Gov. Tim Walz announces stay at home order, stimulus package proposal

Gov. Tim Walz announces stay at home order, stimulus package proposal

(KEYC) — On Wednesday, March 25, Gov. Tim Walz announced a Stay-At-Home Executive Order for the state of Minnesota beginning Friday, March 27.

This will run through at least April 10, with the idea of keeping Minnesotans in their homes to prevent the further spread of COVID-19.

There have been many questions on what you can or cannot do... to put it simply, it's not much different than what many have been already doing: stay home and don't go out unless you need household or essential items.

The state says help is on the way, as lawmakers in St. Paul are working to pass a $356 million state stimulus package.

“The proposal creates a COVID-19 emergency fund that will keep our state operating during this pandemic,” Walz said. “There is help in here for business across the state to secure family funding, awarding grants to licensed family and center-based childcare providers. This is a critical one, to keep childcare up running and safe and to make sure our emergency front line workers have childcare.”

Minnesota’s numbers are on par with the rest of the nation, as about 85% have recovered, while 15% have experienced hospitalization.

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“What we’re really looking for is Minnesotans to stay home, to voluntarily stay home to try and break the chain of this infection and slowing it down for a short time while we’re able to do the things necessary for the folks that fall in,” Walz added.

Walz also mentioned that governors from across the United States have been collaborating on teleconferences to best decide what to do going forward.

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