Mankato Loyola social distance learning in full swing

The school has implemented distance learning for over a year and has had a seamless transition

Mankato Loyola social distance learning in full swing

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - Mankato public schools resume session next week under new social distancing protocols, though Mankato Loyola Catholic School made the jump this week after implementing distancing learning as early as last year.

Due to frequent snow days, Mankato Loyola has already utilized online learning and kindergarten through 12th grade students have been issued an iPad or laptop.

Although, this time social distance learning will be long term and the isolation is a concern to some teachers.

For one English teacher, her 8th grade students are reading Diary of Anne Frank and she points out the irony.

”I’m looking forward to the interesting connections the students are going to make with the text, because they are sort of living a parallel life to Anne Frank right now… without the extreme danger of World War II, but they are going to be living a life shut in without their friends and without the social aspect. So, I’m looking forward to see how the students connect with the text,” said Christine Swanson, Secondary English Teacher at Loyola Catholic School.

Swanson added that the skills students are learning now with a more independent style of learning will be helpful ahead of college.

In addition, her advice for schools beginning social distance learning is to clearly communicate.

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