Support services available for area veterans

Support services available for area veterans

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - It's no secret many Americans are struggling during this nationwide outbreak.

During a time of social distancing, it’s easy to feel alone or to lose hope.

There’s one population of Americans who are at risk of this and that’s veterans and service members overseas.

But there are resources such as Vets4Warriors that provide a 24-hour call or video chat service to connect with a peer that understands the hardships of the situation.

“We’re veterans we’ve walked the walked as you’ve walked it and we understand it’s challenging times for military members, veterans and families of those. Our tagline is ‘Discover the Power of Connections,’ and it’s all about staying connecting, so we don’t want anyone to feel like they’re alone out there going through this. Please call and talk,” says Maj. Gen. (retired) Mark Graham, Senior Director, Rutgers UBHC National Call Center.

Depression, anxiety and financial fears are what some veterans experience - particularly right now.

“Typically so all of those are exacerbated during this time. When there’s a fear of the unknown and people might feel like they have symptoms - they’re not sure or they’re worried - that’s normal to feel that way so we just ask them to give us a call and let’s talk. What are you going through and let’s work on it together,” says Graham.

Communication is important as many Americans experience hardship, and connectivity is what Soldiers’ Angels is trying to accomplish with their Cards of Support mission.

“So we created this Cards of Support opportunity for people to write letters or send cards to us to be able to get to our deployed service members and veterans - particularly in nursing homes who don’t access to their family members or visitors of any sort,” says CEO Amy Palmer.

Nursing homes are under lockdown to prevent the spread of illness, so Soldiers’ Angels to trying to provide support for those who are missing loved ones.

But the mission is also to provide support for service members overseas who can’t return home because of travel restrictions.

“I think it is a win-win for both populations. They get something to do that’s fulfilling for them and a way that they can contribute, but it’s also valuable to the veterans or deployed service members who are receiving them. They’re really wanting some outside engagement of some sort and that’s the best we can do,” says Palmer.

Vets4Warriors can be reached at 1-855-838-8255.

Cards of Support can be found on their website.

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