Martin County couple recovers from COVID-19, shares story of hope

Martin County couple recovers from COVID-19, shares story of hope

MARTIN COUNTY, Minn. (KEYC) - A coronavirus hotbed in southern Minnesota is Martin County, with 23 confirmed cases. One couple from rural Truman who has since recovered from COVID-19 and is now sharing their story of hope.

“I was certain I had influenza, I just you could have knocked me over with a feather,” said Annette Bremer.

For Annette, all the signs of COVID-19 were there."I started having the obvious symptoms about three weeks ago, I had this nasty cough for a day and then the next day I was hit by a busy and things did not go well from there. “

She was tested for coronavirus March 15, found out she was positive the very next day and spent the next few days in the hospital.

”She was hospitalized for two days, and, plus those two days she spent about 8 days laying in her recliner, she was very, very sick," said Annette’s husband Larry Bremer. “Even more concerning was knowing what battle her body was already taking on.”

Annette has an autoimmune disease that affects her lungs and also has vocal cord issues which makes breathing difficult. Eventually, the symptoms subsided as days went by. Meanwhile, Larry found out he might have already recovered from COVID-19, all while mostly asymptomatic.

“Back the end of February, first of March, I went through a period of fatigue and light-headedness but just kind of self-medicated with coffee, so I just kind of worked through it and didn’t really know but then after Annette tested positive they wanted me tested and discussed some of the symptoms and it was like, oh my, I maybe did have that a couple of weeks ago,” said Larry.

The couple, both in their late 50′s, didn’t travel out of the country recently and isn’t exactly sure where they may have contracted the disease. They want people to know just how drastically different COVID-19 symptoms can be, even in the same household.

“They need to know the importance of social distancing because they could be someone like me who would get it, not know they have it and take it to the grandpas and grandmas and people with underlying issues or they could be someone like Annette who becomes very ill so people just need to be aware," said Larry

Awareness, of the risks, but also the glimpse of hope that even with underlying health conditions you can recover.

“The majority of people are going to get better, the majority of people are going to get well and they’re going to be back out in the community, and we need to maintain hope and focus on what is good and we’ll get through it,” said Annette.

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