Should you switch from contacts to glasses?

Should you switch from contacts to glasses?

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - One of the key ways COVID-19 can be spread is by touching the face, and that has some people who wear contacts wondering if they should be reaching for the frames instead.

Local eye doctors say not so fast. They’re advising people who wear contacts to stick with their daily routine and to avoid making the switch to glasses solely based on COVID-19 concerns. But they say, if you do wear contacts, practicing good hygiene is crucial right now, both when putting them in and taking them out.

“Certainly, we still advise against touching or rubbing your eyes throughout the day, but as long as you’re washing your hands with contacts you’re only touching them once in the morning and once at night, so to make sure you’re washing your hands good both of those times you should be safe as long as you’re not touching your face a lot during the day,” says John Lach, owner of Calson Tillisch Eye Clinic.

As advised by the CDC, Carlson Tillisch is not open for routine eye appointments, but, like many eye clinics, they are at the office daily to take care of urgent cases as needed.

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