Social media platforms try to limit spread of false 5G coronavirus claims

(CNN) – Social media platforms are taking steps to limit the spread of conspiracy theories connecting 5G networks and the coronavirus pandemic.

Some YouTube videos falsely claim there’s a connection between COVID-19 and the new super-fast wireless technology.

Mobile operators even said vandals set fire to their towers in the United Kingdom in the past few days because of the conspiracy theories.

YouTube says the content falls into a gray area, and it does not directly violate the site’s policies, but the company says the videos could lose advertising revenue and will be removed from search results.

YouTube also said it’s reducing recommendations of such content in its algorithm.

Other social media sites are also taking action on the misinformation surrounding the coronavirus.

Twitter says it’s increasing its use of machine learning to help take down false posts. Facebook says it’s taking “aggressive” measures and is starting to remove any claims linking coronavirus to 5G networks.

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