LCWM Elementary 5th graders react to online learning

LCWM Elementary 5th graders react to online learning

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - Online learning continues to be the long-term avenue for education.

So, how are the elementary school students getting through it?

The fifth-grade students at Lake Crystal elementary school are taking online classes day by day.

“It is one day at a time for all of us, the parents the teachers, we’re learning as we go” Lake Crystal Elementary School 5th grade teacher and digital coach Karla Caldwell said.

Schools are facing many changes aside from the obvious classes being moved online; like the adjustments to the curriculum and workload schedules.

For Caldwell’s 5th grade class, she assigns homework on Monday’s then, students can complete it at their desired pace in time for the end of the week deadline.

“A lot of [students] were like, ‘I’m getting stuff done in an hour and a half a day instead of five and I’m not as distracted,'” Caldwell said.

“So, we can all do our own things at our own pace, if somebody wants to get their random reads done first or if someone wants to get their math done first, and if it takes them longer than other people,” said one of her 5th-grade students.

Which in turn means parents have a vital role in at-home learning.

In addition, throughout the week there are many ways students can connect for activities and help with teachers through online video forums.

In all, Caldwell says the changes have gone over well and things continue to move forward.

“They haven’t really skipped a beat other than the friendships and the talking with each other, I think that’s the biggest area where they’re missing right now,” Caldwell said.

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