Feehan hosts second virtual town hall

Feehan hosts second virtual town hall

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - Dan Feehan, candidate for the Democratic nomination in the First Congressional District held his second virtual town hall.

The public was invited to tune into the live chat, as well as submit questions.

Topics surrounded Covid-19 with discussions of health, unemployment and the outlook for the state.

Speakers on screen were Rep. Jeff Brand, Senator Nick Frentz, Board Certified Nurse Liz Boldon and Pommella Wegmann, President of Minnesota Area Labor Council.

Starting off Bolden stressed the importance of staying home amid the pandemic.

“And maintain that physical distancing and I purposely say physical distancing rather than social distancing because you want to maintain that social connection because mental health is another component of this,” said Bolden.

Onto filing for unemployment, Wegmann discussed all who now qualify.

“It’s also expanded coverage for those who are sick themselves, caring for someone who is ill or high risk category, or if your kids are out of school which they all are and you have to stay at home and watch your kids there is unemployment of you as well,” said Wegmann.

Brand mention Greater Mankato Growth as a good source for businesses amid Covid-19.

Frentz added small business owners should pay attention to the paycheck protection program as well as SBA loans.

On an outlook for the future of jobs in the state, Mayor of Worthington, Mike Kuhle chimed in about a bonding bill to spur construction projects throughout the state.

Frentz agreed to discussing the prediction for 10% unemployment in December.

“That’s exactly why we need to have those projects ready, roads, bridges, state buildings, security hospital in St. Peter....Get those things going and have jobs ready to help bring us out of the recession and provide solid middle class jobs that prevailing wage for the Minnesotans that need them," said Frentz.

Brand also foreshadowed the upcoming legislative session on the April 14th adding in he again will push for the Alec Smith Emergency Insulin Act.

Feehan will host another virtual town hall Saturday, April 18th form 1 to 2 P.M.

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