Coley Ries off to solid start in coaching career

Coley Ries off to solid start in coaching career

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — Former Mankato East star and national champion Coley Ries took her softball talents to the NPF in 2017 after starring for MSU and spent this past season pitching for the Aussie Peppers of Minnesota.

Back in 2018, pitcher Coley Ries transitioned into a coaching role with Minnesota State in addition to playing professionally in the NPF.

With that, Ries brought valuable experience and knowledge to help the Maverick pitching staff.

“I really love being able to coach. Seeing players progress, and now that I’ve been there for three years, I’ve seen players go through their entire career. That’s a pretty cool thing to see and being able to see what they are able to do over a career,” said Ries.

Coaching also allows Ries to see another side of the game.

“I think that there is so much that goes into coaching, that you don’t realize as a player as far as making things run smoothly. You’ll hear coach Lori Meyer talk about it all the time, you aren’t just a coach. You’re a counselor, a mom, a chef, a driver, there are so many different things you do that is off the softball field that are what end up fulfilling you because you’re able to impact their lives so much more than a sport,” Ries added.

This year, the Maverick softball team came out of the gates on fire by winning 17 of its first 20 games before the NCAA canceled spring sports due to the spreading coronavirus. MSU’s pitching staff thrived thanks in part to the guidance from Ries, and the Mavericks boasted a combined earned run average under 2 for the 2020 season.

“I love our staff right now. I mean we have four pitchers that are great people, that makes workouts fun for me. To be able to go in and see their smiling faces every day makes it fun. I’m really lucky to have the four that I do. I think this year, having half a year is going to be huge for our freshman. They just got 20 games under their belt for free. They’ll come in as freshman with all that experience, Mackenzie Ward with 2 and a half seasons, Lexi with a couple of seasons, it’s going to be fun to see what this staff is able to do,” said Ries.

For all of her success playing the game, Ries is also enjoying a solid start to her coaching career.

Later this week on KEYC News Now, we’ll take a look at the righthander’s professional softball career to this point and what the future may look like.

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