Town Ball teams remain optimistic for 2020 season

Town Ball teams remain optimistic for 2020 season

WATERVILLE, Minn. (KEYC) — There are plenty of Town Ball teams in the area wondering when and if the season will begin due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Once things do open up, players will be ready to take the field.

“If they open the fields up, we’re there. If not, we’re going to stay home and keep swinging off a tee into our own nets and take dry hacks on the patio," said Sam Stier, member of the Waterville Indians.

Sporting events this spring continue to be postponed or canceled due to concerns over COVID-19. Town Ball teams like the Waterville Indians are hopeful there will be a season in 2020, even if the schedule is scaled back.

“We have a unique playoff system where we have 16 teams in the region tournament. We go with another league as well as our own. So really, we could potentially, thinking off the cuff here, we could have solutions such as playing our league once. Or split the league and if we only had to play eight regular-season games, split the league into two divisions and determine a seed from there. Any baseball is better than no baseball. Whatever abbreviated season we come up with, if we’re playing, I’m happy,” said Stier.

As of right now, amateur baseball in Minnesota is closed until further notice.

The Minnesota Baseball Association will have a discussion regarding the state of town ball due to COVID-19 on Saturday.

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