Former Springfield Tiger adjusts to virtual NFL offseason

Former Springfield Tiger adjusts to virtual NFL offseason

SPRINGFIELD, Minn. (KEYC) — Teams have altered the traditional NFL offseason in 2020 as many of the meetings between players and coaches are now taking place online as team facilities are closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. That adjustment to the virtual aspect is going well for one former Springfield Tiger.

“It’s been going well. I’ve been getting my workouts in, trying to stay on top of the playbook. With the virtual offseason, we’ve been having Zoom or Microsoft meetings, learning the best we can from afar. It is what it is, so we’re just rolling with it,” said Tyler Marz, Carolina Panthers offensive lineman.

The offseason may look different from in year’s past, but the lineman continues to put the work in despite not having access to all the tools at his disposal at the team facilities.

“Fortunately the NFL allowed teams to grant each player 1500 dollars, so I’ve been using the little that got me. Just keeping busy outside, taking advantage of an open field for cardio and drills. I split a lot of wood on the side which uses a lot of different muscles, just keeping a positive attitude with everything,” said Marz.

The virtual offseason means more responsibility put on players, but there are also advantages to the technology.

“I mean I definitely think they’ll be able to use this down the road and not necessarily have to be at the facility 24/7. It’s definitely putting a lot of pressure on the athletes themselves to learn material and keep working out. It’ll be interesting when we get back to camp to see who’s putting the work in and doing the workouts rather than sitting on the couch and watching TV," said Marz.

The NFL is set to drop the schedule for the upcoming season on Thursday night.

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