Hometown Business Connection: Resources available for businesses

Hometown Business Connection: Resources available for businesses

(KEYC) — It’s no longer business as usual in Minnesota, or across the country for that matter, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The greater Mankato area, which was once a regional hub for southern Minnesota and northern Iowa, has been hit hard by Gov. Tim Walz’ order to close the doors at many local businesses.

“We are here to try to support our businesses, our members and our community through this," Greater Mankato Growth President Jessica Beyer said.

Greater Mankato Growth has been adapting its business plan to better support businesses in the region during this difficult time.

“In particular, the blog has been a great tool for us just to really distill down information and provide people key points of what they need to know depending on what part of the economy they are, whether they are a small business or a large business.”

GMG is also working on advocating for businesses across the region, as they are set to join a call with Walz and Steve Grove, commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, later this week, and have been working with the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, as well as local chambers, to come up with a plan to get businesses back to work.

Visit the Greater Mankato Growth website for additional information and resources.

In addition, KEYC News Now recently launched its new Business Guide.

The Business Guide is a listing of all types of businesses in southern Minnesota and northern Iowa that have adjusted their operations due to the pandemic.

Nearly 90 businesses have been added to the growing list, which is 100% FREE for businesses, and viewers, that may be looking to get the word out about their temporary operations.

Visit the KEYC News Now Business Guide for additional updates and more information.

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