One of New Ulm’s own awarded Golden Apple

One of New Ulm’s own awarded Golden Apple

(KEYC) — At the end of the school year, Jean Schroeder will wrap up a 40 year career spent at St. Paul’s Lutheran School in New Ulm.

Devoted to the 1st and 2nd grade, Schroeder has gone above and beyond to play an influential role in her student’s lives.

“There are usually tears at the end cause it’s like they’re my kids,” Schroeder said.

Her impact makes sense, when you consider the generations of students that have sat in her chairs:

“There’s some families that I’ve had all their children, if they had four children I taught all four of them,” Schroeder said.

Her ability to balance a traditional and contemporary teaching style:

“I would say I’m somewhat more of a traditional teacher, but I’ve had to change and adapt as time has gone on,” Schroeder said.

All while building relationships and guiding them through their cognitive development.

For Schroeder, her goal is first and foremost to guide her students through their relationship with God.

“That’s really the big thing, I love children and I love getting to know them and all the different personalities, but I wanted to teach them about God,” Schroeder said.

Students have shown Schroeder their appreciation for her around the clock efforts through gifts, letters and social-distancing visits.

Now approaching retirement with a nontraditional twist to close out her teaching career, Schroeder is particularly looking forward to spending time with her grandchildren and husband while taking advantage of the great outdoors.

“I love all that stuff so I want to keep doing those things,” Schroeder added.

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