JWP football players get creative for offseason training

JWP football players get creative for offseason training

JANESVILLE, Minn. (KEYC) — No access to a weight room, no problem for Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton football players Cody Gartner and Dawson Slaughter.

“Well it’s fun to get creative and make your own things to get in shape, it’s kind of fun honestly,” said Slaughter, JWP sophomore.

The two linemen are flipping tires and moving trucks as a way to train for Friday nights in the fall.

“I feel like the truck pushing was definitely my favorite, and maybe squatting. We need to make a good squat rack for the legs,” said Slaughter.

“There’s a big shutdown with everything right now, and It all just depends, if you want to be better than the other guy. Everybody might not have the opportunity to use the gym right now, and you have to do what you can to stay better than the other person,” said Gartner, JWP junior.

Outside of moving the tires and vehicles, the two have also put in plenty of work on a homemade bench.

“I built a cinder block bench. I have a bunch of cinder blocks laid out a big rock laid out on the top of it to lay down on, and cinder blocks laid down on the side. I took the pole off our old swing set as our bench, and I slide the cinder blocks on and that’s what I use as a bench,” said Gartner.

The Bulldogs went 5-5 last year after bumping up from Class A to AA and are optimistic with where the program is heading in 2020.

“Our defense is going to be really strong, we have a lot of big guys coming out,” said Slaughter.

“We played some tough teams that maybe we haven’t done well against in the past, that really motivated us that we can beat some of the good teams that are out there to keep us moving,” said Gartner.

While access to gyms is still difficult for the time being, these two will continue to use tools that are available in order to prepare for the upcoming fall season.

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