Senior Spotlight - Muse Abdi

Senior Spotlight - Muse Abdi

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - KEYC News Now continues its series spotlighting area seniors, members of the class of 2020 who had their lives turned upside down by COVID 19. This time we highlight Mankato East senior Muse Abdi.

“With me in the beginning, I was kind of angry because I wanted to be like every other senior that graduated ahead of me. I wanted the opportunity to walk and have a grad party and basically have it be my day to be celebrated,” says Abdi.

Abdi says at first the pandemic’s impact on his life was hard to come to terms with, then he made a decision.

“I can be thankful because realistically I got to do the Friday night lights, I got to have my fall and basically all of my winter to be with my friends,” says Abdi.

Abdi has had no regrets, he took full advantage of what high school had to offer, he was a member of Link Crew, Student Council, he played soccer and he was the Jack of Hearts King this year.

“I have basically done everything like that, the only thing missing was the walking part,” says Abdi.

Abdi says fo the class of 2020, this may have been the greatest lesson they’ve learned.

“Don’t look at what’s happening now as a negative thing. Use it to inspire you and to motivate you, and to work harder. Don’t take stuff for granted, because in the long haul you may regret it, always try to find the light in life, before everything ends,” says Abdi.

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