Gnat season well underway as warmer weather arrives

Gnat season well underway as warmer weather arrives

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - As we inch closer to the summer season, you’ve probably already noticed some pesky insects, also embracing the warmer weather.

It is prime time for gnats to do what they do best, get on your last nerve when you’re trying to enjoy the outdoors. However, unlike mosquito season, experts say gnat season is typically short-lived. It also depends a lot on the type of spring we’ve had.

“Last year it was around mid-June when things started drying out they kind of go away and then it’s mosquitoes are the main problem, we’ll see what happens. it’s usually just when it’s wet early. Last year I think with all that snow and stuff there was a lot more moisture so they were really bad last year so it just depends on if it stays damp like this,” says Jason Quint, owner of Mosquito Squad of Mankato.

Quint says the best thing homeowners can do is keep their yard as dry as possible, and it’s helpful to remove leaves and grass clippings. There’s also a product, called BTI, that you can purchase. It’s a bacteria for your yard that doesn’t allow gnats to become adults. Bug soothers can also be used for children and adults to get a break from the gnats.

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