Green Corps seeks applicants for Lake Crystal environmental projects

GreenCorps seeks applicants for Lake Crystal environmental projects

LAKE CRYSTAL, Minn. (KEYC) - The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is accepting applications from community-focused individuals who’d like to become GreenCorps members in southern Minnesota.

One of those cities is Lake Crystal where, if selected, the Green Corps member would spend an 11-month term implementing a community-wide stormwater management strategy.

“This program has a great record of, if you will, of folks landing a job in the professional field after this,” said Green Corps coordinator Cristina Villella. “So we’re certainly looking for folks who are interested in environmental work and want to serve their communities and be a part of improving Minnesota’s environment.”

Some of those duties also include creating an outdoor classroom at a stormwater pond, community-based education programs and a tree management strategy.

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