Senior Spotlight - Lucy Weichert

Senior Spotlight - Lucy Weichert

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - All week long, High schools across our region have been creative in their graduation ceremonies. KEYC News Now continues to highlight members of the class of 2020 and their thoughts on missing this milestone in life.

Waseca Senior Lucy Weichert has been to many high school graduations, the youngest of five, Lucy was ready for her turn experiencing the pomp and circumstance.

“I feel like it is a little difficult because I am the last one and it is something I’ve always looked forward to. my oldest sister graduated when I was six, so I’ve always seen it and always thought oh my gosh that’s gonna be me and then suddenly it’s not,” says Weichert.

She says the abrupt end to her senior year left her yearning for things she never thought she’d miss.

“I would give anything to go back to my government class and listen to my teacher lecture for 45 minutes, or go to shop and have him yell at us for being too loud, just the little things that you take for granted, and you don’t think that you are going to miss but you do,” Weichert

Her message to the class of 2020: we’re all in this together

“It’s not the best thing and it’s not ideal, that all of this is happening, but they’re not alone like we all want the same thing, some people are taking it harder than others and I feel for them but they are not alone. And we all are feeling the same thing. It’s a feeling of loss," says Weichert.

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