What shearing day means for alpacas and a local farmer

Jeremy Hanks, owner of “Luxury Alpaca” gives first hand look at shearing day on the farm. and how he uses that fiber to make products.

What shearing day means for alpacas and a local farmer

JANESVILLE, Minn. (KEYC) - : It all started with a love for alpacas.

“I acquired animals about 10 years ago and I just started out with hobby farm pets then I got into showing the animals in a show ring. Then I realized the value of their clothing and fiber," said Luxury Alpaca owner Jeremy Hanks.

Shearing day is around this time each year.

It’s purpose...to help animals stay cool in the summer.

Additionally, Hanks produces his “Luxury Alpaca Products.”

“When they’re sheared it’s called fiber. So it’s different than sheep’s wool. Alpaca do not contain lanolin so people who are often allergic to wool can wear alpaca because of the lack of lanolin," explained Hanks.

That fiber gets made into yarn and socks.

“You can take the fiber,send it off to a mill and have it come back as yarn. I have the fiber analyzed and that tells me the micron count which tells me how soft the fiber is. We have everything from a lighter dress sock to heavier boot,"said Hanks.

You can purchase the socks inside of Hanks’s JDH Hair Design salon located on the farm about 15 minutes east of Mankato on highway 14.

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