Eagle Lake City Council moves forward with Mankato Motorsports Park project

Eagle Lake City Council moves forward with Mankato Motorsports Park project

Eagle Lake, Minn. (KEYC) - Eagle Lake City Council is moving forward in the next steps for the Mankato Motorsports Park project, voting Thursday night that the proposed road course and drivers training facility does not need further environmental review.

The council voted to accept an environmental assessment that was previously prepared for the project, which will be constructed on property currently in agricultural use, about 230 acres in size.

The assessment reviewed different environmental categories including land use, water resources, wildlife, noise and other environmental impacts.

Matt Lassonde, a planner with Bolton and Menk who has been assisting with the environmental review process for Bradford Development, said he considered the land to be ideal for several reasons.

“It’s a relatively flat piece of land, which is important for the track. Its proximity to major highways makes it accessible, and it’s easily converted to commercial uses," Lassonde said.

Lassonde said that during the environmental review process, elements determined to have the most environmental impacts included traffic, wetland impacts and noise generated from the site.

“The traffic is proven not to be a significant issue of concern, as the development is not anticipated to cause any issues with operations or safety for the surrounding roadway network,” Lassonde said. “Development will impact 2.7 acres of farmed wetlands on site. The appropriate process will be followed to replace the wetlands off site at a two to one ratio, which is standard procedure."

One concern voiced from opponents was noise levels.

Project organizers noted they would form a sound committee to mitigate noise.

Opponents also voiced concerns surrounding impact to wildlife.

The council ended up voting four to one, with Mayor Tim Auringer voting against the resolution.

Construction is anticipated to begin this year and finish next year.

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