Surprise parade held for principal retiring after 31 years

Family, staff and senior students gathered to say farewell to Martin County West principal David Traetow.

Surprise parade held for principal retiring after 31 years

SHERBURN, Minn. (KEYC) - After 36 years in education and 31 as principal for Martin County West Schools (MCW), David Traetow says farewell.

Staff and family gathered to surprise Traetow with signs honoring his time at the school.

Followed by a second wave of excitement, from the seniors, driving by to say their goodbyes.

Staff says his impact at Martin County West has not gone unnoticed.

“He was just an absolute mentor to me. To quote ‘The Office’(TV Show), “best boss ever,” said MCW Athletic Director, Nate Klima.

This year Traetow was named Principal of the Year for the state of Minnesota.

“Whenever I hear the Bob Dylan Song “Shelter from the Storm", That is what he has always done, shelter us from all the storms. He’s just been the rock and helped us stick together like family,"said MCW High School English Teacher Amanda Larson.

“I hope that retirement is so good for him because he deserves it. To know somebody who pours everything into what they do and have such good success and good feedback. He’s so loved in the community," said Traetow’s daughter and MCW 3rd grade teacher, Kayla Zehms.

Traetow says building relationships between educators and students, is what matters most to him.

“I think the family atmosphere is really important. Especially when you’re trying to make connections with students. They need to know that you care about them more than just within the classroom," said Junior and Senior MCW Principal David Traetow.

Sharing the celebration, his brother, retiring from 40 years of education at Jackson County Central.

“We both kind of met and said hey, we got to go out together. So that was one of the happiest days of my life to be going out with someone as special as my brother," said Jackson County Central principal Larry Traetow.

When asked plans for retirement?

“I still think I’m to young to retire but my plans now is to help my family on the farm. I have three wonderful children, five grandchildren soon to be six. I cherish that time I get to spend with them," said David Traetow.

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