Restaurants adapt to patio rules

Restaurants adapt to patio rules

(KEYC) — Much like hair salons, restaurants are navigating the new laws and opening up across Minnesota.

Under the June 1 plan, no more than 50 patrons may be seated at one patio at a time, parties are limited to four and tables must have six feet between them.

Big Dog Sports Cafe in Upper North Mankato is adjusting by converting their front parking lot to a tented patio.

Manager Isaac Becker says this provides establishments with alternative ways to bring in income outside of to-go orders.

"It's nice because people will be able to get liquor and beer," said Becker. "Also, our gambling is coming back on today and then it's also nice because our customers want to see each other and see employees."

The new rules that begin Monday were met with mixed reviews from restaurant owners.

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