Local artist revisits illustration talent for exhibit of his past, present art

Mark Braun began sketching in 1975, picks the pencil back up for upcoming exhibit at The Grand Kaberet in New Ulm.

Local artist revisits illustration talent for exhibit of his past, present art

MADISON LAKE, Minn. (KEYC) -: While some may have picked up new hobbies during the pandemic's quarantine, others have revisited old ones.

Mark Braun is a local artist who has tapped back into his creative talent.

In 1975, Braun graduated from Minnesota State University in Mankato with an Art Degree.

Then working doing advertising for Kato Engineering, when he suddenly found himself with extra time on his hands.

“There was a strike, unique to me but a strike. I was not in the union so I was sort of on strike duty for a month or so. What I was doing during that period of time was sort of watch over the plant during my shift, it really left me with a lot of extra time. So I decided to start illustrating, drawing,” said Braun.

Braun drew over 60 pictures, selling some at an art exhibit in New Ulm.

In his time also drawing labels for Schell's Brewery.

Flash forward to 2020, he’s picked the pencil back up.

“Another stifling time in our lives, I’ve got times on my hands time, drawing again illustrations. Primarily to see If I could do it again, but also to fill out this upcoming art exhibit," said Braun.

Braun is foreshadowing his upcoming exhibit of his past and present art, to be held at The Grand Center for Arts and Culture in the Four Pillars Gallery in New Ulm, MN on September 25th through October 23rd.

Kicking off the month long exhibit with another of his talents, music.

“My grandson Kaleb and I play music,” said Braun.

The duo named, “Old Guy and The Kid” will perform opening night of the exhibit.

There, select pieces will be available to be purchased, framed in his homemade shadow boxes, made the same way as he did 45 years ago when selling the art.

Braun adds he’s also on the hunt for his past art to be displayed at the exhibit.

“If you do have it contact me and I’d love to see, if possible use it in this exhibit, I would re-frame it or do whatever I need to do for the show but I’d return it to its original state,” Braun said.

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