Live entertainment industry navigates through COVID-19 changes

Live entertainment industry navigates through COVID-19 changes

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — The people behind live entertainment, including community plays and independent productions, have had to get creative in recent months.

Rehearsals still need to happen. To make it work, Zoom meetings allow the group to work together, despite not meeting in person since January. But since technology means time delays, musicians often practice one-on-one together, respecting social distancing guidelines.

“We build the basis of our shows from the local pool of actors, musicians and technicians.," said Timothy Berry. "They’re excited about the new challenge to see how to put on a show coming out of our pandemic situation.”

Berry, who is a producer of The Buddy Holly Story, says he’s confident that whenever these productions return, Mankato will support them and show up as they have throughout history.

“Mankato is a live entertainment town," added Berry. "There has been a paradigm shift that this pandemic has had on the area. So we are attempting to figure out a way what the live entertainment business will look like when we emerge from that.”

The Buddy Holly Story hopes to premier around Labor Day.

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